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Smelly Car Jars

Smelly Car Jars - Fresh

Smelly Car Jars - Fresh

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Meet....the Smelly Car Jar....a candle scented car freshener that knocks those hanging little trees out of the park.



  • Won't spill or melt in your car.
  • Last up to 2 months.
  • Place in your cup holder or under your seat.
  • Can handle the extreme Phoenix summer heat.
  • Smelly Jars fit in your car cup holder or can be placed under the seat of your car.

Baja Cactus Life - This crisp, sweet scent has tropical hints. It smells like fresh flowers, coconut and sandalwood.

Summer Thunderstorm - The smell of a summer thunderstorm in the desert. A little rain and a bit of floral.

Clean Cotton - When your laundry is done and folded neatly in the drawers...this little smelly jar will remind you of the clean smell of those cotton tees.  It's a light scent with hints of floral.

Barbershop - The clean, fresh smell of a freshly washed man who steps out of a barbershop.
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